Minor in Specialty Reporting

Undergraduate students who are pursuing a major in another subject area may apply specific courses (15 credits) toward a minor in Specialty Reporting. This minor provides you with skills in reporting and writing that, when combined with your major field, can open up additional career options to you.
Contact your academic and career counselor about further requirements and additional information.
Minor in Specialty Reporting
Required Specialty Reporting Courses:
JOU 3 Basic Reporting 3.00
JOU 4 Beat Reporting 3.00
JOU 5 Writing for Electronic Journalism 3.00
CMA 10 Media Law and Ethics 3.00
JOU 89 Specialty reporting independent study 3.00

The purpose of this minor is to offer students in any other major in the university a chance to develop reporting skills relevant to their major field of study. The final course for this minor (JOU 89) is a reporting project to be carried out in consultation with a member of the faculty in the student's major department, and a journalism faculty member, resulting in a reporting piece in the student's major field of study.

Elective Communications & Film Courses

JOU 41/Newspaper Laboratory - strongly encouraged, but not required.

Credit and GPA Requirements:
Minimum Total Credits: 15
Minimum Minor GPA: 2.00


College of Arts, Communications & Design
Dr. Jennifer Holmes, Dean
Kahn 100, Kahn Hall