Design and Digital Technologies

B.F.A. in Digital Art and Design

Students wishing to pursue studies in the digital arts & design have numerous options for career paths available to them. The 120-credit Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts & Design program is geared to prepare students for successful careers in design, whether that be in print, web or multimedia. The first and foremost responsibility of the program is to pass on the knowledge, as well as nurture the technical and creative skills, that are required for graduates to secure jobs as designers. Courses cover a range of areas including desktop publishing, vector-based illustration, digital imaging, web design, and interactive multimedia, as well as 3D animation and desktop video. Students begin by learning the fundamentals of art history, drawing and illustration and then apply these long-established principles to the evolving world of graphic design. With an established plan of study that allows students to explore a range of design software and media, students are also introduced to the different paths they can pursue within the design field. Some of our students go into advertising, others to interactive web design or publishing. As students move through the program they begin to develop interests that determine which area of design they will pursue. The program includes a mandatory internship course that requires students to complete a graphic design internship before they graduate. This internship program helps to demystify the work experience and gives students an understanding of what it is like to actually work in an art department. Students in the B.F.A. in Digital Arts and Design Program have interned and gone on to work at such companies as SONY, NBC, Esquire Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Newsday, Time Warner and Hearst Publications. In their senior year students are required to create both traditional and interactive portfolios of their work, as well participate in a Senior Thesis Exhibition.

Class sizes are small and students get to work in a fully networked, state of the art computer lab which is equipped with over eighty Macintosh workstations, large format color printers, and scanners. Our faculty is comprised of working professionals who practice what they preach in the classroom and continue to work outside of class as print and web designers, multimedia artists and authors.


Incoming freshmen must have a solid B average (3.0 grade point average or 82 to 85) and an average SAT of 1000 (Math & Critical Reading combined) or ACT Composite of 20 or above. Transfer students must have completed more than 24 college credits. A minimum college GPA of 2.0 is required for application review. If you have completed fewer than 24 credits, you must also submit high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores. Students wishing to transfer into the digital art and design program must submit a portfolio containing both fine art and design-related material. A personal interview is held with the director of the digital arts and design program to evaluate the artistic skills of the applicant and to help with the transfer credit evaluation. More information on portfolio reviews may be found on the Art Portfolio Scholarship Review Days website at or by calling the Department of Art at 516-299-2464. To apply for departmental scholarships, see the Department of Art Scholarships on the Department of Art homepage at

Core Requirements
In addition to all major requirements, students pursuing the B.F.A. in Digital Art and Design must satisfy all core curriculum requirements as follows:
POST 101 1 credit
First-Year Composition 6 credits
Economics/Political Science 6 credits
History/Philosophy 6 credits
Laboratory Science 4 credits
Language/Literature 6 credits
Mathematics 3 - 4 credits
Social Sciences 6 credits
For a more detailed listing of these requirements, see the core curriculum section of this bulletin.

Digital Arts and Design Major Requirements
Required Digital Arts & Design Courses
ART 2 Studio Foundation I 9.00
ART 6 3D Visualization 3.00
CGPH 1 Digital Art Freshman 1.00
CGPH 1 Seminar Computer Layout 1 3.00
CGPH 6 Advanced Computer Layout 2 3.00
CGPH 7 Digital Illustration 1 3.00
CGPH 10 Digital Graphics Production Lab 3.00
CGPH 11 Interaction Design 1 3.00
CGPH 12 Desktop Video 3.00
CGPH 15 Desktop Video 2 3.00
CGPH 16 Digital Imaging 3.00
CGPH 18 Digital Imaging Synthesis 3.00
CGPH 20 3D Modeling & Animation 1 3.00
CGPH 21 3D Modeling & Animation 2 3.00
CGPH 22 Website Design 3.00
CGPH 24 Website Development 3.00
VISL 1 Introduction to Graphic Design 3.00
VISL 2 Publication Design 3.00
VISL 3 Advertising Design 3.00
VISL 98 Portfolio Preparation 3.00
Elective Directed Art Studio Courses
Choose three of the following
CGPH 8 Digital Illustration 2 3.00
CGPH 9 Digital Typography 3.00
CGPH 14 Interaction Design 2 3.00
CGPH 97 Internship 3.00
Required Art History Courses
ART 1 Introduction to Visual Arts 3.00
ART 85 History of Visual Communications 3.00


College of Arts, Communications & Design
Dr. Jennifer Holmes, Dean
Kahn 100, Kahn Hall