Information Management & Technology


Department of Information Management & Technology

In our modern digital age, vast oceans of data are stored, encrypted, and retrieved by millions of users every day. Managing data has become a paramount importance to businesses, families, and countless other users as they becoming increasingly reliant on having the ability to preserve and deploy knowledge. LIU Post’s Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Technology prepares graduates to function in an information-driven, high technology environment.

Undergraduate Programs
B.S. in Information Management & Technology

In-Demand Degree

In addition to varied career choices, jobs in the Information Management and Technology field can lead to greater responsibility and senior management positions in all types of organizations.

Why Study Information Management and Technology at LIU Post?

  • Discover how Information Systems is incorporated into real-world environments from our acclaimed faculty, which include Dr. Steven G. Heim, author and expert in human-computer interaction and virtual worlds such as Second Life.
  • LIU Post computer labs feature the latest hardware and software platforms as you work directly with systems being used by companies worldwide.
  • Score top internships and job opportunities at NYC companies.