Sports Communication & Marketing


B.A. in Sports Communication & Marketing

LIU Brooklyn’s innovative B.A. in Sports Communication & Marketing – unique in the NYC metropolitan area – prepares students for careers in a dynamic and growing spectrum of sports media. Students develop skills in areas such as sports writing and reporting; promotion of sports teams, events and products; performing as a play-by-play announcer or program host; and production of sports content for traditional, online and social media. The program helps students to understand and think critically about the history, politics, law and business of sports, as well as its role in our society and culture.

The program capitalizes on LIU’s relationships with sports reporters, publicists and experts in New York City and beyond. Students interact not only with campus experts in sports journalism, marketing and management but also with personnel of the Barclays Center arena (just 1/2- mile from campus) and media partners such as the YES cable network, which carries Brooklyn Nets basketball games. Sports Communication & Marketing majors can perform invaluable internships with professional sports teams, college athletic programs, campus media, and other organizations in order to gain practical experience in sports-related fields.

Core Curriculum requirements for this major are summarized below:
First Year Seminar 1 credit
English Composition 3 credits
English Literature 3 credits
Philosophy 3 credits
Foreign Language 3 credits
Social Sciences
History 3 credits
Social Sciences (ANT, ECO, POL, PSY, SOC) 6 credits
Science and Mathematics
Mathematics 4 credits
Laboratory Science: BIO, CHM, PHY 4 credits
Communication, Visual & Performing Arts
Oral Communication: Speech 3 credits
Visual & Performing Arts (ART, DNC, MUS, THE) 3 credits
Liberal Arts Requirement (45 credits)
45 Credits Numbered Above 100 (Advanced Courses)
Major Requirements
Must Complete all of the following courses:
ANT / 161 SOC Sociology of Sport 3.00
JOU 119 News Writing 3.00
JOU 120 Introduction to Mass Communication 3.00
JOU 135 News Reporting I 3.00
JOU 147 Sports Information and Public Relations 3.00
JOU 151 Sports Writing and Reporting 3.00
JOU 160 Journalism Internship 1.00
MKT 201 THe Fundamentals of Marketing  3.00
MKT 344 Sports Marketing 3.00
SPM 176 Introduction to Sport Management 3.00
Journalism Electives (6 credits)
Choose two (2) courses from the following:
JOU 111  Photojournalism 3.00
JOU 130 Television Journalism 3.00
JOU 141 Online Journalism 3.00
JOU 143 Visual Communication 3.00
JOU 222 Social Media in Theory and Practice 3.00
JOU 1561 Video Journalism I 3.00
Sports Electives (6 credits) 
Choose two (2) courses from the following:
HIS 175 The Social History of Sports: A Search for Heroes 3.00
JOU 192 Covering High-Profile Athletes: Challenges and Pitfalls 3.00
JOU 204 The Globalization of Sports: Origins and Prospects 3.00
SPM 186 Sport Facilities Management 3.00
SPM 191 Leadership in Sport Management 3.00
SPM 200 Sport Law 3.00
SPM 202 Strategic Sport Communication 3.00
SPM 216 Professional Selling and Communications for Sports 3.00