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Minor in Entrepreneurship

The LIU Global Minor in Entrepreneurship equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to imagine, plan and execute sustainable ventures through entrepreneurial design thinking that produces a social benefit. Through courses and integrated fieldwork around the world, students learn the ways in which entrepreneurs use business principles to channel market forces to address important social needs. Through projects or internships, students will explore how they can become positive change agents in their communities and professional lives.  Students can complete one or more minors at LIU Global.  Each minor requires the completion of a minimum of 15 credits from the approved courses numbered over 100. Courses listed below may only count toward one minor if cross-listed in another minor.

LIU Global students interested in pursuing a minor through an LIU Brooklyn or LIU Post department must contact the respective department directly to explore the feasibility of completing their requirements and accepting LIU Global equivalents if/where possible.

Email the Minor Form to, for review, upon completion of all approved courses or when you are registered for the final course. 

Course #

Course Title

Location, semester, type

GCOS 115 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship Costa Rica, spring, elective
GEUR 202 International Business: Communication and Culture
Europe, fall, elective
GCHI 321 Women’s Leadership in Social Innovation China, fall, elective
GCHI 326 Measuring Social Impact and Performance for Innovators and Entrepreneurs China, spring, elective
GAPC 335 Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation for Sustainable Development Australia, spring, required
GNYC 316 Business Fundamentals for Social Entrepreneurs
Brooklyn, spring, elective
GNYC 403 International Internship (with approved Entrepreneurship focus) IRIS, fall, required (requires Center Director's approval)
GNYC 407 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, IRIS, Brooklyn, fall/spring elective
GNYC 433 New York City Internship  (with approved Entrepreneurship focus) Capstone, spring, (requires Center Director's approval)
ENT  Entrepreneurship approved LIU Brooklyn coursework Brooklyn, spring, elective