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Why become a Pharmacist?


Is a Career in Pharmacy Right for Me?

Pharmacists are patient-centered health care providers educated to ensure that today’s progressively more sophisticated and specialized medications are used safely and effectively. The need for pharmacists continues grow in response to the ever-greater variety of marketed medications as well the increasing number of patients that are on complex multiple drug therapies. As a result of their important role, pharmacists are counted among the most highly respected members of the health care team.

To acquire the necessary expertise students, after completing a minimum of two years of college-level work in the liberal arts and sciences, spend four years pursuing a rigorous professional curriculum learning about the pharmaceutical and biological sciences and patient care. Today, all pharmacy college graduates are awarded a doctor of pharmacy degree.

To learn more about careers in pharmacy check out these resources:

  • Pharmacy is Right for Me —  An educational site designed for middle school and early high school students, their families and educators. Provides the resources and information needed to consider a career in pharmacy.
  • Is Pharmacy for You? —   This site maintained by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy offers links to a variety of informative resources for upper high school as well as college students interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy.
  • Pharmacists —   Access to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook pages on pharmacists.

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