LIU Pharmacy & MKG Fellowship Program

LIU Pharmacy & Medical Knowledge Group Lasdon Research Fellowship Program in Drug Information and Medical Communications

The goal of the LIU Pharmacy & Medical Knowledge Group Lasdon Research Fellowship Program in Drug Information and Medical Communications is to provide Doctors of Pharmacy with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to enter and succeed in the medical communications and biopharmaceutical industries. Through this program, the Fellow will gain expertise in a fast-paced, collaborative, and dynamic company. The Fellow will work closely with experienced professionals to leverage his/her clinical training to develop a broad range of promotional materials. While developing skills in the many facets of the medical communications industry, the Fellow will also develop and enhance his/her skills in accessing, analyzing, and responding to a wide range of drug information queries, and will also develop his/her teaching skills. These complementary skills will be developed through practice at Medical Knowledge Group (MKG), comprised of best-in-class medical communications, health care consulting, and data analytics companies and at LIU Pharmacy and the drug information service offered through the Leonardi Institute for Health Analytics and AI.



The LIU Pharmacy & Medical Knowledge Group Lasdon Research Fellowship Program in Drug Information and Medical Communications is a 1-year program that begins on or around July 1. One position is available annually.

At MKG (total of 9 months), the fellow:

  • Works alongside highly experienced medical and scientific professionals to strengthen his/her writing skills by developing presentations for professional speaker engagements, video scripts, educational workbooks, and executive summaries of key events
  • Interfaces with clients to develop materials that meet their clinical and strategic objectives
  • Provides input while attending project meetings and helps facilitate projects 

At LIU Pharmacy (total of 3 months), the fellow:

  • Functions as part of a team of specialists at the Leonardi Institute for Health Analytics and AI to respond to drug information questions
  • Delivers presentation, facilitates recitations, and precepts students enrolled in an advanced pharmacy practice experience 
  • Works alongside LIU Pharmacy’s Continuing Professional Education Department to develop and present professional programs
  • Partakes in a longitudinal scholarly project and has the ability to complete a teaching certificate program
Throughout the program, the Fellow will be an LIU employee and will receive a competitive salary and benefits package.



Step 1: Submit required documents

  • Send a letter of intent and a curriculum vitae to: and before November 8, 2022
  • Send 3 letters of recommendation and an unofficial copy of your transcript to: and before December 1, 2022
Step 2: Virtual interviews phase 1

  • Virtual interviews will be conducted with personnel from LIU Pharmacy
  • Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis through November 30, 2022
Step 3: Virtual interviews phase 2

  • Top candidates will interview with personnel from MKG throughout the month of December


Joseph P. Nathan, MS, PharmD
Co-director, Leonardi Institute for Health Analytics and AI
Professor of Pharmacy Practice
LIU Pharmacy


Sara Grossman, PharmD

Co-director, Leonardi Institute for Health Analytics and AI

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Drug Information Specialist

LIU Pharmacy


Nick Kappas, PhD

Program Director, MKG

Executive Vice President and Department Head, Medical and Scientific Affairs

Medical Knowledge Group




Sara Taha, PharmD, LIU Pharmacy
2021-2022 Fellow

" The Ladson Research Fellowship has given me the opportunity to explore and take part in a variety of experiences that will contribute to my development as an industry professional. As a Drug Information and Medical Communications fellow, I have the opportunity to not only practice at LIU Pharmacy’s drug information center, but also oversee students in different phases of their professional career. During my time at LIU Pharmacy, I was able to supply drug information deliverables that are medically and scientifically accurate, balanced, and meet healthcare professionals’ requirements, ensure appropriate and timely update of deliverables based on customer insights and/or therapeutic area, and gain an in-depth understanding of associated disease states, treatment guidelines, labeling, and relevant data based on the question tasked. At MKG, I am looking forward to experiencing the dynamic work environment of a medical communications agency and participating in advisory board meetings across the country.”




Razwan Miah, PharmD, LIU Pharmacy
2021-2022 Fellow

"As a fellow at MKG, I have had the opportunity to work on unique projects across various disease states. No two days at MKG are the same and I enjoy the dynamic work environment. I am looking forward to attending advisory board meetings across the country as the fellowship continues. I am also excited to build upon my previous APPE experience in drug information and continue to expand my knowledge of drug information. I look forward to facilitating a recitation in the Drug Information and Literature Evaluation course and passing on my knowledge to the next generation of pharmacy students. Overall, I am excited to grow professionally through my experiences at MKG & LIU Pharmacy.”


Raneem Abdalla, PharmD

Associate Scientific Director, Lockwood
2020-2021 Fellow

"As a fellow at MKG, I have been able to contribute to a variety of client deliverables across numerous disease states. This has provided me with an appreciation for the work required to create content for our clients. I am excited to continue to expand my knowledge through my future experiences at MKG and at LIU’s Drug Information Center."


Alicja Siuzdak, PharmD
Medical Information Manager, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
2019-2020 Fellow

“During my fellowship, I worked on various projects and disease states and developed a better understanding of the breadth and depth of knowledge it takes to create impactful medical pieces. The MKG & LIU fellowship program allowed me to grow professionally and personally and was instrumental in launching my career in the pharmaceutical industry. ”


Anastasiya Shor, PharmD
Pharmacist, Kenby Pharmacy
2019-2020 Fellow

 “As a fellow at MKG, there were always new projects to get involved with. I really enjoyed contributing to comprehensive client deliverables and felt a great sense of satisfaction while working at LIU’s Drug Information Center and at the College of Pharmacy.”


Gregory Anagnostos, PharmD
Medical Information Specialist, Shionogi Inc.
2018-2019 Fellow

“This fellowship provided me with hands-on insight into the medical communications aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. Upon completion of the fellowship, I was offered a full-time position where I continue to develop the skills necessary to excel within this ever-evolving industry.”



Joseph Nathan, MS, PharmD
75 DeKalb Avenue
Room HS612
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718-488-1251

Sara Grossman, PharmD
75 DeKalb Avenue
Room HS610
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: 718-488-3460