Psychological Services Center

Psychological Services Center (PSC)The Psychological Services Center (PSC) is a private, nonprofit mental health facility operated by the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at LIU Post. The clinic operates with the objectives of providing diverse psychological services to all members of the local community as well as serving as a training facility for LIU Post Clinical Psychology Doctoral candidates.

The PSC is staffed by second-year graduate students earning their doctoral degrees in clinical psychology. The graduate student-therapist’s work is closely supervised by licensed clinical psychologists who are faculty members of the Department of Psychology, as well as licensed clinical psychologists from the Long Island community who serve as Adjunct Clinical Supervisors.

The Psychological Services Center is located in Lodge A on LIU Post campus, 720 Northern Boulevard, Brookville, New York, 11548-1300. Call 516-299-3211 for more information.

Services from LIU Programs Available to the Local Community

Only the Psychological Services Center is associated with the LIU Post Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program.

  1. Psychological Services Center
  2. J.M. Ladge Speech and Hearing Center
  3. Center for Community Inclusion
  4. Long Island Parent Center
  5. Early Childhood Direction Center


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