Center for Gifted Youth

The Center for Gifted Youth was established at LIU Post in 1979 in response to the increasing recognition of society's special responsibilities for children with demonstrably superior intellectual ability. The Fall and Spring semesters comprise 10 Saturday mornings and educate gifted children in Kindergarten through Ninth Grade. The Summer Program is held 19 days in July, Monday through Friday, and serves children entering Grades 2 through 9 in the Fall.

The Center for Gifted Youth brings together two important elements of education for the gifted: extraordinary teachers recruited from leading high schools, middle schools and elementary schools in the metropolitan area and university-level facilities. These two factors, combined with an administrative and psychological team schooled in the needs of gifted children, give the Long Island University program unique strengths in producing positive benefits for young people admitted to the program.

The Center for Gifted Youth's underlying philosophy should be understood by all considering its program for their children. The Center is committed to the development of the intellectual potential of each child. Its purpose is to provide learning experiences for children with superior intellectual ability that will deepen and extend their intellectual interests, as well as develop the skills of independent learning. Classes are taught at a faster pace and in greater depth than in most schools. The program is designed to augment programs in local schools.

Fall Program

Spring Program

Summer Program

Scholars Academy Summer Program: Coding and Artificial Intelligence

Scholars Academy Summer Program: Entrepreneurship, Law and Journalism

Objectives of the Center for Gifted Youth:

  • To provide opportunities for gifted students to relate to each other intellectually and socially.
  • To provide activities at appropriate levels and pace.
  • To maximize problem solving and creative thinking experiences.
  • To focus on leadership development.
  • To increase self-awareness by promoting realization and acceptance of one's capacities and an understanding of one's needs and interests.
  • To stimulate aspirations and pursuit of higher level goals.
  • To provide exposure to and interaction with stimulating and interesting adults.