LIU Research Areas

Future of Business

21st Century commerce requires digital literacy, computational savvy and new financial, marketing and management tools attuned to global demand.

One Health

One health is the nexus between human, animal and environmental health research and includes capacity building.

Data Analytics

Data has become ubiquitous across all fields -- bioinformatics, quantitative science, astrophysics, ecology and climate modeling, genomics, and metabolomics.

Innovative Cures

Research focused innovative diagnoses, treatment and prevention of human disease.

Resilient Communities

Research and Community Engagement centered on Health Communities, Healthy Living and Community-based Partnerships.

Welcome to the Research and International Office

LIU is committed to transformational change in the higher education landscape by the synergistic coupling of research and international engagement. The Research and International Office exists to catalyze, nurture and embrace multi-disciplinary, globally impactful research and educational programming that prepares future graduates for the challenges and opportunities presented by life in the 21st Century. The Research and International Office will partner with colleges, departments, academic and non-academic units, senior leadership and the greater LIU community to promote diversity, grow international engagement, innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural understanding to enrich and propel LIU’s overall mission for becoming a globally engaged research and education enterprise.

Mission Statement

  • Stimulate LIU growth in research, innovation and internationalization
  • Increase quality, scale and diversity of strategically defined, globally relevant, research, education and scholarship
  • Establish LIU research relationships with external parties including federal, state, private industry, economic development groups, foundations, and international organizations to support the institution’s research and engagement objectives
  • Increase the number of students participating in high-impact practices, enrolling in LIU Global programs and international education experiences